Pathway to Harmony, Inc.

Uniting Mind, Body, and Spirit to Accomplish Goals - Academic, Professional, and Personal

Pathway to Harmony, Inc., a not for profit created in 2006 to address the issues of stress, apathy, frustration, anger, and violence that have a profoundly negative impact on our communities; and to motivate youth and adults to enhance their quality of life.



Healthy Eating and Exercise

The Pathway to Harmony Healthy Eating and Exercise Program is a special program designed to increase youth and adult awareness regarding good nutrition and the importance of developing healthy eating habits and exercising regularly. This wellness program is done in collaboration with Advocates for Community Wellness, Inc., a faith-based health promotion and disease prevention organization; Greg'O: A personal Chef Service; or Chef Ramona of Chef in the Hood. Participants in the program have fun learning:

  • food safety skills;
  • culinary skills such as knife safety;
  • how to read recipes;
  • measuring to modify a recipe
  • how to prepare dinner for a small group
  • about various spices and flavors
  • how to select and prepare nutritional foods that are healthy alternatives to junk food;
  • about foods that increase their potential for health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease; and
  • how to grow their own vegetables and spices.

Participants will engage in a combination of exercise, stretching, and breathing meditation techniques that will add energy and longevity to their lives.

This special program can be tailored to run six to twelve weeks to meet the needs of a corporation, social or community agency, church, or school. For more information contact us at 773-720-4100.

If you believe in our mission of helping youth and adults to enhance their quality of life and would like to help, click on the "Donations" button above or the Pathway to Harmony Logo below to make a contribution. Your contribution will help to sponsor a school or child's participation in the program of your choice. No contribution is too great or too small. Every contribution is appreciated. Thank you.



Pathway to Harmony, Inc. is a sponsored project of the Aikido International Foundation. This partnership allows us to receive tax deductible donations. The Aikido International Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides leadership, educational opportunities, economicl support, and public awareness to promote the principels of Aikido.