Pathway to Harmony, Inc.

Uniting Mind, Body, and Spirit to Accomplish Goals - Academic, Professional, and Personal

Pathway to Harmony, Inc., a not for profit created in 2006 to address the issues of stress, apathy, frustration, anger, and violence that have a profoundly negative impact on our communities; and to motivate youth and adults to enhance their quality of life.


Pathway to Harmony Financial Literacy Program

The Pathway to Harmony Financial Literacy Program is designed to familiarize youth and adults with money and its use. Participants will learn about banking, finance, and the use of credit. Our goal is to teach youth and adults about:

    • Money - Where it comes from, How its used, and How to make it grow

    • Banking - Checking and Savings accounts, CD's, ATMs, Role of Banks

    • Credit - What it is and isn't, How to get it, and How to keep it
    • Credit Reports - How to read, improve, and repair them

    • How to make positive money choices
    • How to avoid common money traps.   

  • Bankruptcy basics 

Upon completion of the program participants will have a working knowledge of where money comes from, how it works, checking and savings accounts, credit cards, credit reports and scores, payroll and payroll deductions, 401 K, scholarships, grants, loans, taxes, and other areas related to the use of money.

Participants will have fun learning through interactive conversation, group projects, and games that help them to develop an entrepreneurIal spirit and wealth building skills.  For more information contact us at 773-720-4100.

If you believe in our mission of helping youth and adults to enhance their quality of life and would like to help, click on the "Donations" button above or the Pathway to Harmony Logo below to make a contribution. Your contribution will help to sponsor a school or child's participation in the program of your choice. No contribution is too great or too small. Every contribution is appreciated. Thank you.



Pathway to Harmony, Inc. is a sponsored project of the Aikido International Foundation. This partnership allows us to receive tax deductible donations. The Aikido International Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides leadership, educational opportunities, economicl support, and public awareness to promote the principles of Aikido.