Pathway to Harmony, Inc.

Uniting Mind, Body, and Spirit to Accomplish Goals - Academic, Professional, and Personal

Pathway to Harmony, Inc., a not for profit created in 2006 to address the issues of stress, apathy, frustration, anger, and violence that have a profoundly negative impact on our communities; and to motivate youth and adults to enhance their quality of life.



It Takes a Village

Dear Donor,

We are totally committed to our mission to motivate youth and adults to enhance their quality of life and accomplish their academic, professional, and personal goals by providing quality educational programs  that focus on:

  • life skill;
  • character;
  • mental and physical development;
  • educational enrichment;
  • cultural awareness;
  • diversity;
  • non-violence;
  • stress management; and
  •  family unity 

through martial arts, mentoring, leadership, and educational initiatives that increase youth and adult self-discipline, focus, self-esteem, and the development of a positive mental attitude.

We strongly believe in the African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child”. Since 1997, we have worked hard to make our village a peaceful and safe place, free from stress, frustration, anger, and violence.

The programs of Pathway to Harmony, Inc. have been instrumental in helping youth and adults from a variety of social and economic backgrounds to adopt lifestyles that are respected, less stressful, more productive, and healthier.

If you believe in our mission of helping youth and adults to enhance their quality of life, support our efforts by making a contribution. No contribution is too great or too small. Every contribution is appreciated.



Pathway to Harmony, Inc. is a sponsored project of the Aikido International Foundation. This partnership allows us to receive tax-deductible donations. The Aikido International Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides leadership, educational opportunities, economic support, and public awareness to promote the principles of Aikido.

Ten Ways Your Generous Donation Can Help the Village: 

  1. Enable us to provide quality services to a greater number of youth and adults who are experiencing higher levels of stress, frustration, anger and violence caused by their economic situation and environment;
  1. Purchase uniforms and supplies for participants who are unable to afford them;
  1. Purchase portable mats so that our programs can be transported to off-site locations in need of the program;
  1. Help with the purchase of a van to transport youth and mats to seminars, demonstrations, and off-site events
  1. Help to provide mentoring to youth in the Pathway to Harmony Youth Ambassadors Program and provide them with training in Restorative Justice, nonviolent conflict resolution and alternatives to violence that they can teach their peers;
  1. Make it possible for more youth to participate in our six-week Pathway to Harmony Aikido Summer Enrichment (PHASE) program, or possibly underwrite it completely;
  1. Help to empower youth and adults to manage their finances and begin to plan their future through the Pathway to Harmony Financial Literacy Program;
  1. Help improve the physical and mental health of youth and adults through the Pathway to Harmony Stress Buster program;
  1. Help to increase youth and adult awareness of the important benefits of eating healthier food and exercising to improve their health through the Pathway to Harmony Healthy Eating and Exercise Program;
  1. Provide a small stipend for youth peer leaders and tutors    participating in the Pathway to Harmony Youth Ambassadors and Pathway to Harmony Aikido Summer Enrichment (PHASE) program.